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Pocono Mountain Regional Police Officer: 2003-present

K9 Officer: 2004-present

Narcotic/Patrol German Shepherd (K9 Kane) 2004-2010

Narcotic/Patrol Cross (K9 Niko) 2010-2017

Narcotic/Patrol Malinois (K9 Creed) 2017-present

NAPWDA member: 2004-present

Certified as Professional Decoy: 2004

Matt is a 15-year Law Enforcement veteran for the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department. Matt became a Corporal in 2008 and has spent the last 14-years as a K9 handler. He has worked three police service dogs and is currently deployed on the street with his partner K9 Creed. Matt works and assists the FBI, DEA and US Marshals on narcotic investigations and wanted fugitives.
In 2004, Matt became a certified professional K9 Decoy and since then has travelled the country helping handlers and K9's reach their apex. Matt believes in pushing K9 teams to new levels and has developed techniques to enhance ground fighting.
Matt is a current member of the North American Police Working Dog Association and working towards his trainer status.


Joe is a 19 year Law Enforcement veteran for the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department.

Joe has spent the last 16 years as a K9 handler. He has worked 3 police service dogs and is currently working a German Shepherd names K9 Hilo that he has trained in narcotics/patrol.

Joe has been a member of North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) since 2002.  

Joe became a Trainer in 2007 and a Master Trainer in 2011. He is a NAPWDA certified Master Trainer in Patrol and Narcotics. Joe has assisted numerous agencies in NAPWDA certifications and training all over the US.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Officer: 2000-present

K9 Officer: 2002-present

Explosive/Patrol - German Shepherd (K9 Flip) 2002-2008

Narcotic/Patrol - Dutch Shepherd (K9 Chase) 2008-2017

Narcotic/Patrol - German Shepherd (K9 Hilo) 2017-present

NAPWDA member: 2002-present

NAPWDA Trainer: 2007-2011

NAPWDA Master Trainer: 2011-present

Certified as Professional Decoy: 2003

Currently doing monthly maintenance training for 18 dual purpose narcotic/patrol & explosive/patrol K9s

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